Cales de Llierca, S.A.

ist führender Hersteller von Gefälltem Calciumcarbonat (PCC) und von hochwertigen Kalkerzeugnissen und Kalkderivaten.

Cales de Llierca gehört zu den Unternehmen mit der umfangreichsten Erfahrung in seinem Bereich.



protocolos anti COVID-19

Cales de Llierca strengthens its commitment to the fight against Covid-19


Within the framework of exceptionality that has enveloped the world since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, Cales de Llierca holds the commitment to its protocols to ensure the safe supply of its products. The health and safety of our employees and families are our main priority, as well as our suppliers´ and customers´. With this purpose and for several months ago, we have been implementing measures to safeguard the best protection of all workers involved in the supply chain, following WHO guidelines on prevention and social distancing.

In addition, our products are also part of this commitment, being supplied to industries that also combat the impact of Covid-19. For example, our calcined products are used in the treatment of urban and hospital waste affected by the virus, or in the manufacturing process of chlorinated products for the treatment of contaminated water.

Our dedication in this fight will continue to guide our decisions in order to further contribute to reducing the impact of the virus on the world.