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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an essential raw material which is used as a pigment in the production of paints and varnishes, plastics and in many other industrially manufactured products. In the optimization and cost reduction of formulations, a product with a special extender effect is required. inbond from euroMinerals is a composite product based on talc and titanium dioxide. Their multi-stage, special production process allows the coating and overprinting of talcum platelets with TiO2. This produces a surface structure similar to conventionally used white pigment and leads to the following product properties:

  • color strength (savings of pigment pastes)
  • wet and dry opacity
  • high covering capacity
  • lower oil count compared to conventional TiO2 extenders
  • UV resistance
  • weather resistance
  • chemically inert
  • lower sedimentation tendency

Based on these characteristics, inbond enables optimization and cost reduction of formulations while keeping the quality of the systems at the same level or even increasing it.

Fields of application:

  • Paints (dispersion paints – matt and silk-gloss systems, street marking paints, sports field markers, industrial coatings, etc)
  • plastics (e.g. PVC)