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Steel and other metallurgy: Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide for steelCalcium Oxide is added to converters (AOD) and electrical arc furnaces (EAF) as a flux and slagging agent to remove the impurities that can have an adverse effect on the quality of the metal (sulphur and phosphor).

It is an alkaline product that allows regulating a multitude of industrial processes and its properties depend on its chemical composition and the heat treatment to which the mineral has been subjected, determining its degree of reactivity. Its formula is: CaO + H2O → Ca(OH)2 + heat.

Lime is one of the products best known since ancient times and with the most applications. Lime has been used since ancient times as a binder in construction and to paint walls and facades of buildings.

Uses: Glass processing, pulp and paper, construction materials, insecticides, fungicides, drilling fluids, lubricants, aluminum and magnesium, bleaching agents, steel, aluminum and magnesium processing, acid neutralizing agent, water and industrial effluent treatment, food supplement and additive, among others.


We supply high-purity, highly reactive quicklime to achieve an optimum performance.


In the production of copper, zinc, lead, silver, nickel, gold, uranium, etc., Calcium Oxide is used, firstly to separate impurities by flotation of the different metal salts and secondly as a pH regulator of the water used throughout the manufacturing process.

In the production of aluminum, quicklime is used which acts as a slagging agent of silica, preventing the formation of aluminum and silicon compounds.