Cales de Llierca, S.A.

ist führender Hersteller von Gefälltem Calciumcarbonat (PCC) und von hochwertigen Kalkerzeugnissen und Kalkderivaten.

Cales de Llierca gehört zu den Unternehmen mit der umfangreichsten Erfahrung in seinem Bereich.



Cales de Llierca celebrates 50 years


Cales de Llierca celebrates 50 years in the lime and calcium carbonate market (PCC). During this period we have been progressing towards the excellency in every product and service we offer. Thanks to our team effort and the confidence of our customers, we are currently a leading supplier of every product we offer, having each day a more complete portfolio. Cales de Llierca has evolved during the past 50 years from a local lime and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) supplier to a global solution supplier based on industrial minerals.