Cales de Llierca, S.A.

is a leading producer of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC), high quality lime and derived products.

Our company can be considered one of the most experienced companies in its field.

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Cambra de Comerç de Girona

The Girona Chamber of Commerce awards Cales de Llierca for its long history


The Girona Chamber of Commerce presented the Girona Historic Establishments Awards, which recognize the successful trajectory of companies and businesses in the province. Cales de Llierca was one of the winners. The president of the Cambra, Jaume Fàbrega, valued the trajectory and emphasized that a “historical establishment is a guarantee of service and quality”.


Jaume Fàbrega, president of the Chamber of Girona has valued the trajectory of the guardians and recalled that “a historical establishment is a guarantee of service and quality“. The president of the Chamber added:

“There is also in these businesses a will to be, to persist, to continue serving society; overcoming difficulties of all kinds, difficult scenarios and circumstances, demonstrating with their persistence that a history of success is possible (although it is not easy)”.


Cales de Llierca started at the end of the sixties and bet on precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), a differentiated product that required many resources for research. In 1978 the first sale of the new product of the Calprec range was made and later they promoted improvements in carbonization systems. In 2010 they became part of Calcinor, a solid business group.