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Use lime treated sludge from water treatment plants - EDAR

Advantages of using quicklime treated sludge from water treatment plants in alkaline soils


As a part of the strategy of promoting environmental applications of its products the Calcinor Group shows in the number 167 of Retema the advantages of using quicklime treated sludge from water treatment plants in alkaline soils.

Quicklime (CaO) addition to sludge from water treatment plants is one of the most effective methods for stabilization and disinfection ( in order to be able to use the sludge later as fertilizer. However, the effect of quicklime treated sludge in alkaline soils has not been studied as much as in acidic ones. Research has been done studying the evolution of organic material mineralization at different lime treated sludge rations in an alkaline soil.

A fast organic material mineralization was observed during the first weeks, measured as nitrate and dissolved organic carbon, which diminished with the time.

According to the final results lime stabilized sludge application in alkaline soils increases mineralization of the organic material without increasing soil alkalinity.

Cales de Llierca is a company of the Calcinor Group which produces aggregates, lime derivatives and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC).