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Carbonato Cálcico Precipitado para caucho natural

The precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) improves the dynamic properties of rubber


Rubber is an elastic polymer, which emerges as a milky emulsion (known as latex) in the sap of various plants, but can also be produced synthetically.

ACCIÓCALPREC® PR-B is an ultrafine coated PCC used as load able to chemically bond to polymer matrix of rubber. This effect helping the final product to maintain the compression stability, and in turn enhancing other mechanical properties, as tensile strength, ultimate elongation or hardness.

CALPREC® PR is an ultrafine coated PCC used in a wide range of rubbers, such as processing agents. It can be used to provide a certain level of reinforcement, as they are easy to handle and disperse within a compound.

Micronised Calcium Oxide is highly reactive if used with a drying agent in different formulations.